mandag den 23. marts 2009

Motor mounted and C4's first officiel apperence

Scotor motors mounted and ready for instalation.

Motors instaled in the outer feet.

Casters mounted in the center foor + an outer feet to show the highed from floor to foot 2,5cm

R2-C4 back on all 3 feet agagin

Cobuilder Mathias is looking on the finish on C4

R2-C4, me, Mathias and a couple guys from my garrison was invited to a kid program wich is showed every Sunday on Danish TV2 .

PSI light

PSI lights are now instaled both front and rear, and they are so super bright.

Just for show off, I've add a pic. where all panels that can open is open... looking pretty good if you ask me.

Long time no posting!

Happy new yeaaaaarrr !!! oohh dern to late... its more then 3 month's since iv'e posted anything lol... well im back, course I diden't stop working on C4.

In Jan.2009 I mounted the pie panels on the dome.

So now the Dome only need to get the light instaled again, and then it looks a bit more like a droid ;)